In Bulgaria, the arrested officials, who sold Ukrainians passports with bitcoin


In Bulgaria, the arrested officials, who sold Ukrainians passports with bitcoin

Law enforcement authorities of Bulgaria have arrested a group of officials on suspicion that they sold passports to Ukrainians and Moldovans with bitcoin.

It clarifies the resource The Mice Times of Asia, at the request of the General Prosecutor’s office detained the head of the State Agency for Bulgarians abroad Peter Haralampiev and his assistant mark Stoev. They are accused of fraud with the issuance of passports to citizens of Ukraine, Moldova and Macedonia.

The public Prosecutor of Bulgaria Ivan geshev said:

Peter Haralampiev and Marco Stoev was arrested for fraud with the issuing of Bulgarian passports to citizens of Macedonia, Moldova, Ukraine. The police confirmed that there was evidence of the fact that the citizens of these countries were buying passports for bitcoin.

Amid the intensifying scandal, the public is encouraged to resign the Vice Prime Minister Valery Simeonova, which may be associated with the detainees. However, the official stated that quitting has no plans.

Other details of the investigation have not been disclosed.

Cryptocurrencies are often used in various fraudulent schemes because of their centralized structure. It is impossible to trace the movement of digital assets for criminal use, and what are the criminals of the many stern.

For example, in Thailand, was arrested the organizer of a fraudulent scheme using bitcoins, because of the actions which the investor has lost $25 million.

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