In Chile, more than 5 thousand retail outlets will be able to take cryptocurrency


As reported by the Chilean cryptocurrency exchange Crypto MKT, appeared the possibility to pay with cryptocurrencies in more than 5,000 retail outlets in the country.

Partnership Crypto MKT, provider of online payment allowed to add to the sellers an option of payment through cryptocurrency platform

CryptoCompra available in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Europe. It enables customers to pay in bitcoin, Stellar and Ethereum at the same time sellers can get local currency.

Says the Crypto MKT, it provides a guarantee Fund that compensates for price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency. The volatility of cryptocurrencies prevents the expansion of their use as means of payment. Crypto MKT believes that its guarantee Fund will provide “the peace and security of the client since he will not have surprises in the payment.”

We will remind that in April of the Chilean crypto currency exchange, including the Crypto MKT, were deprived of banking services in the country. Resume they managed to get only after appealing to the courts. For example, Buda made it through the decision of the Antimonopoly court and Orionx — through appeal.

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