In China pondered the issue is secured by the Renminbi stablon


In China pondered the issue is secured by the Renminbi stablon

In China, you may receive stabilin-backed yuan. About the need for such a digital asset, said the people’s Bank of China, reports CoinDesk.

Analysts of China’s Central Bank has published a study on the analysis of the prospects of digital currency. They noted that most of tablconv provided by the us dollar (Tether, the dollar Gemini, Standard Paxos, etc.).

The use of US currency as a tangible security token allows the dollar to hold a key position in the global market. To shake the dominance of the us dollar only by running the coins provided another currency.

The report of National Bank notes:

Monetary system will evolve towards the emergence fiato-digital currency, which will take the Central banks.

However, before starting such asset needed to thoroughly analyze all aspects of the use of electronic money, backed yuan, as well as the regulation of transactions with the use of the asset, the analysts write.

Note that IT is the Japanese company GMO also decided to strike at the domination provided the dollar tablconv, stating its intention to release a coin, tied to the yen.

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