In Firefox adds protection against hidden mining




The developer team of the popular web browser Mozilla Firefox announced in the official blog about the launch of the updated protection of the hidden mining.

The company Mozilla Foundation stated that mining cryptocurrency is evolving daily, so it is necessary to introduce stronger locks to protect users.

Some functions can already point to find, and in beta update Firefox Nightly. To do this, go to privacy settings and put a tick in the “Lock” content, you can also customize security download pages.

Protection of users ‘ computers

Vice President of development, Nick Nguyen, said that a key goal of this innovation was the obstacle to the development of third-party programs, which do not affect the users ‘ computers, and therefore on working with the browser.

Most often malware is hidden in the most ordinary web sites, moving on a particular link, the user downloads software that uses the computing power of the device without the owner’s knowledge. Hidden mining greatly slows the computer and may harm the gadget, as seriously load the hardware.

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