In India are going to move birth certificates on the Blockchain


Several government bodies in India have adopted a new exciting platform Lynked.World. The idea is designed to simplify the process of registration of marriages and birth certificates in the country. The company, based in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, offers a solution based on blockchain technology to create the ID verification of citizens, employers and governments. The application is already available to users through the App Store or Google Play.

Lynked.World is a technology based on the blockchain, which allows users to conduct a digital audit of their personal, educational and professional information using peer-to-peer network. Users maintain full control over their information and can easily and directly sharing vital identifying information with potential employers, agencies or companies as required.

After the user completed the process of identifying data on the platform, validated data can be used with a simple, unique QR code. The purpose of the app is to provide people with convenient and secure ownership and control over their own identity. Moreover, the platform will provide the ability to exchange digital credentials and documents without having to physically be present in any particular place.

The Blockchain ID is necessary for India

Some government agencies in India have recognized the importance of adopting an ecosystem that will allow its citizens to safely interact with them, facilitating the needs of residents, while maintaining the ability to check and legal identification.

Arun Kumar, founder and CEO of Lynked.World, says that the platform will make obtaining government services more efficient and economical.

“Digital data is the future of data management,” he says. “Modern systems are too bulky. The only way by which a government Agency can ensure that they have been dealing with people is to have them directly in front of you ID card in hand. Our platform removes this obstacle, as it offers multiple levels of security to ensure authenticity of digital identities, data and documents. In such a densely populated country like India, our system makes the process much easier and faster for citizens and local governments, which ultimately leads to savings on administrative fees and fees for processing”.

The platform will include a token LYNK, tocancel starts from November 15, 2018 and will end on February 10, 2019. There are 150 000 000 tokens LYNK available for sale.

Recall also the government of India is considering the feasibility of creating smart contracts for their own crypto-currencies issued by the Central Bank.

Author: Olga Novikova, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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