In Module Blockchain figured out how to help people worldwide to earn money on unused space for personal gadgets


In Module Blockchain figured out how to help people worldwide to earn money on unused space for personal gadgets

It is hard to believe that until recently mobile phones had only a small circle of people. These devices have revolutionised the field of communication between people. And now they are waiting for another major change: the Japanese project, Module Blockchain is preparing to launch a pioneering technology that will allow owners of mobile devices on the planet to become a part of the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies and decentralized file storage. The company believes that they create the innovation platform will be attractive to all people who are interested in obtaining remuneration for the use of their own gadgets, and because of this will quickly become popular.

In Asia, for example, many people are not even a Bank account in its traditional sense: to commit transactions users use daily are installed on the phone apps WeChat or Alipay. In Module have high hopes that in Asia a new technology is adopted with great enthusiasm: after all, the app also includes a crypto with which to make purchases even easier. Those who follow technology know that if a new product is a success in Japan, the chances that it will become popular in other countries increase dramatically.

Users will earn tokens on the platform through the leasing of available space on their devices to store any data in “the cloud” and sharing. They can also allow the device to send confirmation of the transaction, as with traditional kriptomayning. The application Module replaces the standard and expensive from the point of view of energy use the algorithm of proof of work (the so-called Proof— of— Work), which requires specific equipment, unique algorithm of the proof space, time, and transaction (PoSTT). Users are rewarded depending on the amount of space on the gadget, which they shared with the platform, and the number of transactions.

One of the goals of the company — to make captaining do more accessible and give the opportunity for everyone to benefit, regardless of the final goals and location. The system is built on the huge data storage capability on the set of “sleeping” phones and other devices. Currently, the world uses about 2 billion smart phones, each of which on average has 32 GB of memory, while many users never use this space fully. Assessment of General and Executive Director of the company Module Toshiki Tashiro (Tashiro Toshiki), at the moment there are about 32 exabytes of unused space for data storage.

“With the help of easy-to-use system Module any user can obtain the reward that will provide the ecosystem a space for your smartphone, he says. — We have developed a platform that allows anyone who has a mobile device to access our application for the abolition of the monopoly which now exists in the sphere of mining cryptocurrencies”.

At the moment the company is conducting the main phase of the public ICO.

To learn about the project in more detail on the website

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