In Moscow test equipment for 5G


In Moscow test equipment for 5G

Moscow FSUE “VNIIFTRI” of Rosstandart began to test the equipment of the transmission standard for mobile communications 5G.

The head of the Institute Sergey Donchenko told the “RIA Novosti” on the testing of antenna systems designed to receive and send signals of the network standard of the fifth generation. Speed, bandwidth and frequency of the future mobile communications will increase significantly, but mistakes are broadcast on, must remain an unlikely event.

A reduction of the time interval between the signals of up to 120 NS requires new equipment and complicates the introduction of next-generation technologies. Violations of quality of data exchange may increase the chance of an error, which is unacceptable.

Sergei Donchenko also announced the creation of the quantum sensor to improve the cryptographic protection of private information. He expects that Russian scientists will make a significant contribution in this direction.

Mike macculloch decided to go further and create a revolutionary space drive that could convert sunlight into cravings and does not need fuel.

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