In November 2018, the Bitcoin network will be the first ICO


In November 2018, the Bitcoin network will be the first ICO

Not long music played, not long enjoyed Roger Ver! The blockchain Bitcoin Cash held the first ICO, but have the status of a single bitcoin project providing web hosting services, Bitcoin Cash will be for long: next month hold the ICO will be in the Bitcoin network.

So, very soon Bitcoin will function the same as Ethereum. Users of Bitcoin will have the opportunity to use smart contracts to create services, to carry out crudely. The first ICO in Bitcoin will hold a Korean startup Temco.

Now it’s time to make a reservation. New features will be available in the core network, and the sidechained RSK – created Bitcoin platform running on a Turing-complete smart contracts, written on the Solidity – the most popular language for creating smart contracts.

RSK Network is now undergoing beta testing, but the General Director of Temco Scott young is confident that soon this platform will be bigger than the Bitcoin. He may be right, because the speed in this sidechained will be much higher than in the core network of Bitcoin – up to hundreds of operations per second.

ICO on the RSK will take place exactly as in the Air, with the difference that the value of transactions in the network.

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