In Paris will host an exhibition dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin


In Paris will host an exhibition dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin

From 28 September to 5 October 2018 in the gallery of ERM Development on avenue de Messine, 15, will host an exhibition of Bitcoin Art ®[/sup]Evolution, dedicated to the anniversary of the first cryptocurrencies.

In January 2019 Bitcoin will mark the tenth anniversary. On this occasion, artists from around the world organize an exhibition of works in Paris. It is still unknown whether the exhibition is so popular now painted puzzles, guessing that you can access the crypto.

The initiators of Bitcoin Art ®[/sup]Evolution report that on the eve of the exhibition the participants had the task to analyse the impact of new financial technologies on the relationship of artists with the audience. Artists, in particular, needs to answer the question of whether bitcoin will change the structure of relations on the contemporary art market, and whether the existence of art without reference to the traditional banking system.

“We had the idea to organize the exhibition in Paris, with the participation of artists from other countries to show possible use of the cryptocurrency, says Pascal Boyars, French painter, famous for his murals with QR codes from cryptocell. — The appearance of keyprowler led to a revolution not only in the financial sector, but also in art and France has all chances to become the capital of the new art movement art Crypto”.

The exhibited work will be available for chops, litecoin, live Monera.

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