In Russia developed the project of the hedge Fund scriptaction


In Russia developed the project of the hedge Fund scriptaction

The Fund specializing in investments in digital financial assets (CFA), AddCapital and the company for the prevention of cybercrime, Group-IB has developed a model of a hedge Fund to protect from latest threats, store digital of financial assets and to reduce investment risks on the stock market associated with nedovolnym legal field.

According to the Director of special projects at Group-IB Ruslan Yusufov, the solution is designed for qualified and institutional investors – its use will allow to structure and to minimize the risks of investing in alternative markets.

“In complex solution – a requirement to work with the licensed exchanges are audited to ensure that the use of safe custody storage assets, the use of multipoles to confirm the transaction, the technology of “white list” (assets of the Fund may only move under a limited list of addresses that are controlled by the Fund). Binding regulations for the separate management of assets,” he said.

According to managing partner AddCapital Alexei Prokofiev, the project will allow large investors to deal with the market a CFA using familiar tools in the legal field, and show the regulator that digital assets can be dealt with using standard surveillance methods.

“Investproekty on the basis of this decision have already started to work in foreign jurisdictions, and with the adoption of CFA in Russia, with some restrictions, will allow you to structure such products to Russia,” – said Prokofiev.

According to co-founder of kleptomanka Wirex Dmitry Nazarychev, a similar model is used by leading companies in the industry – BitGo, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, Pantera Capital, CME Group, Ripple, Genesis.

“Multipolicy and “white lists” are already using more or less of a reliable company for trust management scriptactive,” confirms managing partner Tokenbox Mr Serkis.

According to the developers, the solution can also be used as the basis of a standard approved by the regulator and applicable to all legitimate market participants.

“Overall, the proposal is reasonable and will be adopted if at least some of these points, we will make a big step towards regulated organizations in the trust scriptactive”, – said Serkis.

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