In spite of all. The Bank of Thailand defended the cryptocurrency


In fraudulent schemes can be used any assets, not just digital money, says the head of the Central Bank of the country Virati Santiprabhob

Cryptocurrencies don’t need to associate with crooks, the head of the Bank of Thailand Virachai Santiprabhob. He noted that criminals use digital money for other purposes, it has nothing to do with their nature, according to

The official commented that fraudsters tricked an investor into bitcoin 5564. The head of the Central Bank noted that the scheme of the intruders did not depend on the cryptocurrency.

“It’s not a Scam, which happened during trading cryptocurrencies. The money was used for other purposes,” — said Santiprabhob.

He reminded about the high risks of investing in cryptocurrency because of the monstrous volatility. Users should not invest more than they can afford to lose, said the head of the Central Bank.

Earlier, the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of Thailand legalized trade seven cryptocurrency — Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cash, Classic, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Stellar. According to the Ministry, these coins are highly liquid, do not assume anonymity and have a good reputation among investors.

Follow the situation with the regulation of the cryptocurrency market in Thailand in our telegram channel RBC-Crypto.

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