In step with the times: New Zealand toughens the procedure of “digital search” in the customs


In step with the times: New Zealand toughens the procedure of “digital search” in the customs

In New Zealand, came into force changes in the procedure of “digital search” — if earlier at the request of an employee of customs at the border crossing were required to bring the gadgets, now the guest country is obliged to provide the passwords to them.

When you visit New Zealand from 1 October need to be prepared for the fact that the officer may not only be required with an available electronic device, but also passwords to access them (including the pin codes, fingerprint to unlock etc.).

Customs officials claim that it is only about viewing stored on the device files. “A search for the files, we are not going to search for anything in the cloud. We’ll inspect your phone, enabled flight mode”, — said the representative of the Customs service of New Zealand.

Innovation is explained by the need for: organized criminal groups are actively exploring new technologies, and the authorities are trying to catch them, and progress. Data from the gadgets can be of great help in investigations, consider law enforcement.

“Digital search”, as previously, will be applied selectively, at the discretion of customs and in accordance with available information. In case of refusal to provide the gadget for inspection or the password to it, customs charge straw of up to $5 thousand, and the device shall be confiscated and a detailed inspection.

“It was very nice to visit twice a New Zealand. Sorry I’ve not visited… in today’s society is unacceptable,” wrote the famous cryptanthus and popularizer of cryptocurrencies Andreas Antonopoulos.

Commentators say that a similar procedure exists in Australia, only the penalty for failure to provide a password anymore. The inspection supposedly happening in another room behind closed doors and without the presence of the owner.

Other users share their experiences, for example, suggest to erase all apps wallets and accounts in social networks before crossing the border, and make guesses about what’s next can only be “brain scan”.

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