In summer the price of the cryptocurrency market fell by $106 billion


Over the past three months the exchange rate of bitcoin exceeded $8000, then fell below $6000, and the price of most digital money declined to an annual minimum

On Friday, August 31, the total market capitalization of crypto-currencies exceeded $225 billion. She has been growing over the last two weeks — August 14 the industry has set annual minimum of $191 billion.

Today the bitcoin exchange rate fell back below the $7,000 to $6970. He has not changed much over the past day, as the price of most of the biggest by capitalization of digital money. However, some altcoins have risen, such as Monero (10%), Dogecoin (19%), and Nano (18%).

Over the past three months the market fell by $106 billion, the price of bitcoin dropped to approximately $500, June 1, the first cryptocurrency was trading at around $7500. During this time, the value of Ethereum fell more than doubled, from $574 to $280.

Other altcoins, too, have lost a significant part of the price, unlike bitcoin. Therefore, the share of coins in the market exceeded 53%. She was so high in December of last year, when bitcoin peaked at $20 000.

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