In Taiwan offered to take cryptocurrency startups to individual categories of business


Taiwanese legislator Jason Hsu (Jason Hsu) has published a list of recommendations designed to help crypto start-UPS. In particular, it is proposed to create a new category of business and new legal norms are intended solely for the tokens.

Hsu also urged the Finance Committee of Taiwan to develop guidelines for IPOs of coins (ICO) with the aim of protecting investors. In addition, he called on the Minister of economy to develop a program to protect consumers and a new tax standards.

Note that recently the financial regulator of the country also announced plans to establish legal norms for ICO over the next eight months. The Chairman of the Commission on financial supervision of Taiwan Wellington Koo (Wellington Koo) offered until June next year to develop “national standards” of ICO. Such standards will determine the possible variants of classification of tokens as of the class of securities, however, the cryptocurrencies used for the purchase of goods, does not fall under the new rules.

Earlier this month, Hsu said that cryptocurrency transactions should be subject to the same laws on money-laundering (AML), and traditional financial instruments and proposed to amend the national law on combating money laundering with a view to its distribution in cryptocurrencies.

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