In the core network PumaPay launched the finished version of your Pull Payment Protocol


In the core network PumaPay launched the finished version of your Pull Payment Protocol

Why we write about PumaPay? First, ICO this startup has become the seventh most successful krautsalat in history. Second, PumaPay created the so-called Pull Payment Protocol. Traditional electronic payment systems already use this technology, and blockchain services yet. However, Yes.

Let’s start in order. In April 2018 PumaPay conducted an initial offer of tokens, collecting $117 million and thus becoming the seventh most successful krautsalat. However, the success of the ICO doesn’t guarantee anything. But PumaPay think happened: they created and launched its revolutionary Protocol.

What is a Pull Payment and how it differs from Push Payment? Push — means to apply a force in order to push myself. Pull, respectively, to apply a force to bring. Now, Push Payment is when a payment initiator acts as the payer: he seems to be pushing funds towards their recipient. A Pull Payment is when a transaction begins, the recipient of the funds. For example, you receive an invoice that must be paid. This is a Pull Payment.

Now, such a system appeared on the blockchain. Typically, a user initiates a transaction, but the Protocol PumaPay the system can work differently. For example, customer service can now “pull” the monthly payments of crypto-wallet users.

In PumaPay report that PullPayment Protocol already used by 75 companies. This FINTECH company and entertainment services. “We expect more from this decision, and believe that PullPayment Protocol provides an additional level of convenience, which is not enough sellers,” said CEO PumaPay yov Dror.

Vladimir Pakaluk

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