In the Google Play Store discovered 25 viruses, miners of the cryptocurrency Monero


Employees on cyber security Sophos found 25 apps in the Google Play Store contain malicious software for mining cryptocurrency. The app has been downloaded over 120 thousand times.

The report presents a list of applications:

In most programs used miner cryptocurrency Monero called Coinhive enabling production of digital assets using the embedded browser WebView. In one application were also found miner XMRig. Coinhive and XMRig developed for mining cryptocurrency by using the computing power of the CPU of the mobile device. Hackers often use these programs because of the anonymity of virtual currency Monero.

Applications that contain malicious code, consumes a small percentage of processing power to avoid detection and overheating of equipment. In early versions of programs to cryptogamia was not taken into account this factor, leading to battery damage.

In July 2018, Google has deleted all applications created for mining cryptocurrencies on a mobile device, in this case, was the only program to cloud mining. Representatives of SophosLabs sent to Google employees report results in August, however, some apps still available for download in the Play Store.

According to non-profit organizations Cyber Threat Alliance, increased the number of crimes associated with illegal mining of digital assets, to 459%. One of the most egregious cases of cryptogamia came to light in September last year, when people know that the torrent tracker The Pirate Bay has used the power of users ‘ computers for mining Monero.

Since then, attackers have become much more inventive: for mining they use a variety of programs that are spreading on the popular platforms, for example, the Play Store and GitHub RawGit. Therefore, the edition Bit.News advises not to install apps from unverified companies and closely monitor the performance of the mobile device in order to detect and remove the malicious miner.

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