In the international search is declared a suspect in the murder of a holder of bitcoins from Norway


Oslo police released a portrait and information about the suspect in last week’s killing of a seller of bitcoins.

20-year-old Swedish citizen Makaveli Linda, has just been released from prison, is accused of murder seller of bitcoins Bjerklund Paltto. Earlier Makaveli was seen for drug abuse and theft.

A citizen of Norway Bjerklund Palto was found dead in his apartment in Oslo in the beginning of last week. According to police, the perp snuck in the night in the victim’s apartment through the window with the purpose of robbery. Stumbled on the owner of the apartment, the offender struck the victim with more than 15 stab wounds, then fled.

Shortly before his death, 24-year-old citizen of Norway exchanged a large number of bitcoins for cash, that could attract a burglar. However, the head of police of the city of Oslo stated that a bitcoin transaction would not affect the choice of the victim, and he did not rule out that the apartment was chosen completely randomly.

Interpol has issued an international warrant for the arrest of a suspect who “might have to leave Norway and Sweden”.

Recall that in August police of the Ryazan region managed to arrest the whole gang, hunted robbery on the owners of bitcoins. Also in June, in Moscow, was detained a gang of robbers that specialized in mining hardware.

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