In the second quarter of 2018. ICO scammers stole $2.3 million in cryptocurrency


Most criminals steal the cryptocurrency Ethereum, as it is used to Finance projects for the initial placement of tokens

58 thousand attempts to go to phishing sites prevented “Kaspersky Lab in the second quarter of 2018. The company has published a study according to which Ethereum is the most popular coin among cryptocurrency scams.

Criminals earn, that convince users to Fund fraudulent token sales and ICO. Through phishing, hackers actively attacking cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges, so they get passwords and confidential data.

A leading analyst “Kaspersky Lab” Nadezhda Demidova said that some users do not know about the existence of such sites.

“The persistence of attacks on financial institutions indicates that the electronic money are starting to use more and more people”, — said the expert.

Most active phishing Scam has been observed in South America and Asia. In Brazil, there was 15,51% of all phishing attacks in the second quarter of 2018. In China and Georgia, which tied for second place — 14,44%, third place is Kyrgyzstan 13.6 per cent, and Russia on the fourth place from 13.27%.

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