In the Swiss “Cryptocoryne” there is a new blockchain incubator CV VC


In the Swiss “Cryptocoryne” there is a new blockchain incubator CV VC

In just a few years the territory between the Swiss cities of Zug and Zurich became the epicenter of the blockchain revolution and sheltered more than 600 companies associated with the new technology.

Startups lead investor and the company at the blockchain consulting Lakeside Partners, based in Zug, is located in the heart of this revolution: it develops its own ecosystem and co-working space, holds competitions for startups, organizes industry summits, and establishes strong links with the leading Swiss politicians and institutions. Over the past 18 months, the specialists of Lakeside Partners made the selection of more than 1000 startups.

The creation of the blockchain incubator VC CV (Crypto Valley Venture Capital) was a logical continuation of these activities.

Matthias Ruh, founder and managing partner of Lakeside Partners, who led CV VC says:

Passing phase the pioneers, traditional investors and major players of the old economy are now closely watching the industry and all take note. Analysts believe that the industry has come a new dawn, which involves a serious company, serious people and serious money.

CV VC will cover all stages of the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. The incubator will invest $125 000 in a number of promising startups in exchange for their shares or tokens. Seed financing will start in the winter.

Program participants will also have the opportunity to undergo training and use the network of CV Labs and provided housing and work space in the heart of the Swiss “Cryptocoryne” and participation in major events.

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