In the Ukrainian Parliament registered a draft law on the taxation of cryptocurrencies


In the Ukrainian Parliament registered a draft law on the taxation of cryptocurrencies

While the future presidential elections in Ukraine promise of the blockchain in each house, their colleagues in Parliament are not sitting idly by. September 14, a bill regulating the taxation of tokens and cryptocurrencies finally registered in the Parliament.

Actually, while this is the main news. As of the morning of September 16 the revised text of the document submitted to the Parliament, on the website of the Verkhovna Rada no. There is only room, 9083, name — “on amendments to the Tax code Stolen regarding the taxation of transactions of virtual assets in Ukraine”. As they say, right on main, no blockchain Kingdom on earth.

However, the people’s Deputy Alexey mushak reporting the bill is filled with optimism. “First and foremost is the key to the prosperity of kryptonyte and opportunity for Ukraine to seize the potential of blockchain technology” — he said.

Music also drew the attention of readers on the number of authors of the document — more than 20 people, representing fractions as the ruling coalition and the opposition. In his opinion, this is a positive signal, allowing to hope that the bill will become law before the end of the year.

At the same time, something tells me that it makes sense not to jump to conclusions — often a large group of authors represents a sort of smokescreen. Signatures under the document the two dozen deputies representing different factions and groups, and various groups within them, suggest that to determine the true initiators of a particular edit would be virtually impossible.

In favor of this option evidenced by the fact that earlier music carried to the public the draft law with a completely different title, which it was about the legal status of the cryptocurrency and token, and the nuances of tax were not prescribed.

Meanwhile, the lack of legal status of cryptocurrencies does not prevent the Ukrainian Parliament to declare a fair amount in the crypt. And when some parliamentarians are pointing cryptocurrency as money, that others consider their property.

The Ministry of Finance looks at these discrepancies with Olympian calm — a pier, have the right, since the legal status of cryptocurrencies is not defined.

And what about the taxation of transactions with the crypt of the Ministry’s position is not so liberal — Deputy Minister of Finance Sergey Varlamov in September said that capturadora have to pay taxes on the same basis. “Personal income tax rate is 19.5%… a Lot or a little for such operations? The question is rhetorical. While crypto-currencies have no legal status — this is usually a subject of turnover,” the official added.

Also we will remind that earlier, in August, Timur Limp, head of the National Commission on securities and stock market of Ukraine, reported that the financial regulators of the country’s plan to accept the cryptocurrency as a financial instrument.

“Cryptoidentity is likely to financial instruments, they are not means of payment. They are a means of accounting for and accumulation. It’s more like a share, bond, note. We plan to legally recognize bitcoin as a financial asset and allow people to invest and use those financial instruments”, — said the head of the securities Commission.

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