In the US there was a group for the protection of crypto-investors. It has a Coinbase


Several major U.S. blockchain-companies have created an Association, which, together with the government to develop legal regulation of the industry

In Washington, large American companies that are associated with cryptocurrencies, founded blockchain Association, writes The Washington Post. Part of the lobbying group included Coinbase, Protocol Labs, Digital Currency Group and Polychain Capital.

The organization will represent the interests of entrepreneurs and investors who work with digital money. It will deal with the normalization of relations with the authorities in tax matters and development of the legal field. Blockchain Association to help the government fight money laundering in this sector and must improve the system of identification of users.

“This is an attempt to bring together leading companies to the country’s leaders understood that they communicate with the companies that support appropriate laws. We are not trying to circumvent the law, we want to develop a database that will stand the test of time,” — said the chief lawyer and an expert on risks Coinbase Mike Lempres.

In the Russian Association of kryptonyte and blockchain (RAKIB) reacted to the news. Its representatives wrote in a telegram-account that is ready to cooperate with the American organization.

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