In Ukraine detained the attacker bitcoin exchanges


23-year-old resident Kropiwnicki developed malicious software that allowed to steal funds from cryptocurrency exchanges and game accounts. It is reported portal Корреспондент.net with reference to the Department of postal and telecommunications of Ukraine.

According to law enforcement, the malware provided unauthorized access to gaming and cryptocurrency accounts, after hacking of which the hacker emptied them into account. The program was distributed on underground hacker forums.

During the search at the place of residence of the attacker, the police seized computer equipment, mobile phone and flash drives. All equipment sent for examination to establish the number of victims.

Soon a decision is made to the announcement of suspicion to the hacker.

Earlier in August, accused of fraud hacker Peter Kristy suggested police from Brno bribe of $17 million for the return of seized during a search of the hard drive, which collected over 3,200 bitcoins.

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