In Washington created a group to lobby for the interests of kriptonyte


In Washington created a group to lobby for the interests of kriptonyte

In the United States established the Association of the blockchain (the Blockchain Association), formed by representatives of the cryptocurrency and experienced technology companies. Her main task will be to address important issues related to technology and virtual assets.

This is the first organization in the United States to promote the interests of business associated with bloccano and cryptocurrencies. Among the first members will representatives of cripture, start-UPS and investment funds. The original idea was offered by the leaders of Coinbase, Circle, Polychain Capital and Filecoin.

Association blockchain plans to lobby for the interests of only those companies that strive to operate in accordance with legal standards, not to circumvent them. First and foremost, the organization will consider issues of definition and accounting of virtual currencies from the point of view of tax legislation, and an explanation of the rules of combating money laundering and the methods of identification according to the standards of KYC.

In fact, the created group is an analogue of the Russian RAKIB, existing for almost a year. Participants in BA say that their purpose is to bring together the leading companies who seek to develop an effective regulatory system that can withstand the test of time.

Russia is developing legislation to regulate kriptonyte, but will invest 2.8 trillion rubles in the digital economy.

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