Incident, the free cryptocurrency: the 5 closest Andropov


Each month our database of Ethereum, there is a lot of tokens of the standard ERC-20. As advertising of the company arrange free distribution of tokens (Airdrop or airdrop) where the members of the public to make some money. However, just to catch all tokens indiscriminately is a waste of time. You need to decide which ones are of real interest. Here is a list of the most attractive tokens that you can get right now.

1. BioCrypt

Now is Airdrop tokens BioCrypto $0,05. The company’s clients in stock 15 days to get your tokens, participate in the action. Although to predict price prospects is difficult because there is no information on the volumes of total output or the number of tokens involved in the Airdrop, this company gives the impression of a good investment.

The main purpose of these tokens is to provide users and businesses the opportunity to use the blockchain technology.

2. Infinitus

Infinitus is an application for storing user data, which is currently conducting Airdrop. Providing the address of ETH-purse, each user receives 16 tokens INF. At the moment the tokens are valued at $0,24, however, the company predicts, the market price will rise to $3.8. Airdrop will be 28 days.

3. ScientificCoin

Don’t judge a book by its cover, and a token for a failed title. ScientificCoin is a new blockchain platform designed specifically for scientific projects. The decentralized system of analysis allows to identify the most promising projects. The company will provide three tokens (each worth us $4.5) for the Airdrop, the ranks which you can join for the next 27 days.


To get this token, users are required to conduct their own advertising campaign in social networks to assist in promoting the project. In exchange, participants will receive 50 tokens CYBR, each of which costs $5,6.

The purpose of CYBR — cyber security, but the platform information is not yet available.


This blockchain platform was established to improve the exchange of protocols in distributed networks is an interesting idea, and the project has all chances to become one of the most valuable tokens on the basis of the ether. In a purse of the user involved in Airdrop, will be transferred 1300 tokens AXEL $26.

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