Industry semiconductor manufacturing selects blockchain


Industry semiconductor manufacturing selects blockchain

The study, conducted by the consulting company Accenture, suggests that the blockchain technology could during the next three years to maximize the spread in the production of semiconductors.

In the company the survey involved mostly managers of large firms producing semiconductors, with an annual income of at least $0.5 billion. it turned Out that 88% of respondents expect the introduction of blockchain technology in their companies over the next 36 months.

Blockchain attractive for industry, semiconductor production due to characteristics such as resistance, safety and decentralization in working with data. According to a report by Accenture, these qualities technology can reduce your operational costs, enhance cooperation, companies in the sector and increase the efficiency of value chains.

According to the expert Accenture Sayyid Alam, the blockchain is able to reduce the launch time of new products:

The supply chain in the industry of semiconductors is very complicated. […] The opportunity to accelerate the tracking process will improve the nature of the business operations and reduce delivery time to market, and reduce production costs. In addition, companies producing semiconductors, using the blockchain to create joint projects, scale and monitor their work, and will be able to change the nature of business transactions in the future.

In addition to industry, semiconductor industry, Accenture examined the mood of executives in the following industries: aerospace projects and defense, manufacturing, biomedical development, insurance, manufacturing, chemical industry, automotive industry, communication.

86% of executives aerospace and defense industry optimistic considering the future use of the blockchain in its industry. In biomedical sector, in retail trade and production industrial equipment the number of optimists comes to 85% and the insurance sector and the production ON it is equal to 84%. In the automotive industry there are 82% of supporters of the blockchain, and in the chemical industry and in communications to their 81%.

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