Interesting events of the week in the world of cryptocurrency




This week in the cryptocurrency industry saw quite a lot of important events. The most important of them are collected below.

The change in the value of cryptocurrencies

The price of cryptocurrency bitcoin has risen 0.82 percent to about 6300 USD after falling by 12% last week and 15% the week before. One of the factors in the recent price movement of bitcoin is that downward movements were much less dramatic than the rest of the market.

Some chalked it up to the expense of the Commission, the SEC and its failure in the activities of the ETF the Winklevoss brothers. In any case, while it is clear that bitcoin has historically performed best in bear markets, outperforming gold in volume, despite the drop in prices for 70%.

As stated by one of the brothers, the adoption of cryptocurrencies wall street — it’s just a matter of time.

The cost of Ethereum cryptocurrency decreased by 11% to 287 USD after falling 24% last week and 14% the week before. In addition to the arguments that explain the decline of the market (for example, a failure of ETF launches, etc.), analysts believe that Ethereum, in particular, is falling because the ICO sell ETH.

According to the CCN, short positions BitMEX ETHUSD are at record levels. As for movements this week, rally correlated with the release of Tether tokens in the amount of $ 120 million. This suggests that higher prices may be associated with the new capital on the market.

This week, graphs of the value of the cryptocurrency at a stable level, despite the intermittent falling of the prices for Ripple (XRP) and Ethereum. This week, the market briefly fell below $ 200 billion, before returning to around 208 billion dollars. Some oldoini have succeeded, as, for example, VeChain.

News cryptocurrency exchanges

Birchansky cryptocurrency Crypto Facilities exchange launches futures contracts on the Bitcoin Cash. This allows investors to bet on the future price movements of the cryptocurrency BCH. The launch signifies the emergence of the first regulated Bitcoin futures on Cash.

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has teamed up with exchange LCX from Liechtenstein to create and launch a trading platform that allows users to sell digital assets directly through Fiat.

In addition, the exchange has teamed up with Nexo platform to change the banking system lending. The management platform also said that about 90% of its employees receive their wages in tokens BNB.

The crypto currency exchange Coinbase recently filed for a patent that detailed a new system that allows users in real time to make payments in the cryptocurrency bitcoin is a more reliable way. The patent, published on 14 August, will allow customers to make payments directly from your bitcoin wallet.

As previously reported, analysts Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. predict that companies with wall street may simply be shortages for some reason the time in order to enter the cryptocurrency market, while industrial giants such as Coinbase took the impregnable competitive position and become a monopoly in the market.

DApp-browser open source Toshi has rebranded and now is called the Coinbase Wallet. The company said the name change is beyond the scope of the rebranding and intends to attract “more efforts to invest in products” that will determine the future of the decentralized network.

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