Investing in Bitcoin Cash turned out to Bitmain loss of $328 million


Investing in Bitcoin Cash turned out to Bitmain loss of $328 million

In early August, 2018 Samson MOU, chief of the security Department of the company, Blockstream, informed that the day before the preliminary round of IPO Bitmain sold a large part of bitcoins and invested in Bitcoin Cash: “They sold most of their coins and bought BCH under $900”.

13 Aug 2018 Cobra, the owner of the resource that was formerly a follower of Bitcoin, but later switched to Bitcoin Cash wrote the following: “Bitmain has gained 1M+ BCH. This is a very important statement that Bitmain was reinforced with money. They did a good and calculated move that should not be underestimated.”

All wondering what school sarcasm was trained Cobra (although he was quite serious), and how many have lost on investments in Bitcoin Bitmain Cash. The crypto currency exchange BitMEX even conducted a special investigation, which resulted in a nine-digit number that we skopipastil — 328 000 000. This is the amount in U.S. dollars. It lost that many investors who invest in Chinese manufacturing company of miners and mine bitcoins.

“Bitmain can become a legendary cryptomeria, generating large profits for investors, the report says BitMEX. But to achieve this (and this is much harder than it seems) the team managers of Bitmain, you may need to improve the resource management of the company.”

The truth. To invest in the crypt of nearly $600 million and several months (investments in the BCH started in the end of March 2018) to lose $300 million is to be able to.

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