Iran became the center, from where they are distributed hacker attack


Iran became the center, from where they are distributed hacker attack

More attacks of viruses, ransomware and miners is carried out and directed from Iran. To such conclusion came the authors of the report from the company iDefense, a part of Accenture.

As the report says, Iran is not the only region where carried out and sent to a hacker attack, but its role in the distribution of malicious software from the middle of 2017 have increased significantly.

IDefense analysts believe that the Iranian government supports local hackers pose a significant cyber threat to users and companies from USA, Europe and Middle East countries. Skate Iranian hackers — viruses for Android, viruses, ransomware, to a lesser extent, viruses are the miners.

According to researchers in Iran have been developed or modified for their purposes at least the following viruses and their variants:

– RASTAKHIZ — virus extortionist, provides an unlimited amount of time to the collection and payment of ransom;

– TYRANT is distributed primarily in Iran, the message with a ransom demand appears in Farsi, the amount is about $15;

– WannaSmile — ransom in Farsi, amount 20 bitcoins;

– Black Ruby — attacks computers with non-Iranian IP, encrypts files on the infected computer, installs a hidden miner Monero, demands a ransom of $650 worth of bitcoin in English.

According to researchers, in the short term, the Iranian hackers to improve their skills thus their viruses harder to detect and remove, it is also possible the emergence of new variants of known viruses or completely new products.

The role of the cryptocurrency in these fisheries will increase, “the Iranians are more familiar with Baccano, and also with such fields of activity as the use, mining and exchange of the cryptocurrency”, the authors of the document.

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