Is Einsteinium attack 51% of the Bitcoin Private


Is Einsteinium attack 51% of the Bitcoin Private

Now in the list of cryptotermes a new term appeared — the ethical hacker. He doesn’t steal assets, but breaks really. 13 Oct live were carried out the attack 51% of the Bitcoin network Private. In order to see how it’s done, and the developers have made the necessary conclusions and made changes to the algorithm of the service.

Reddit user with the nickname team-periwinkle (via Twitter he appeared under the name of GeoCold “Mischief-Maker”) announced the break-Einsteinium. However, in an interview on the eve of the attack said that the goal could be changed because Einsteinium uses advanced protection algorithms. In addition, after the announcement of the attack on the network hash rate Einsteinium grew by 15 times, up to 1.4 TH/s.

Attack live was watched by about 800 users, among whom was known cryptosuite personality like Jackson Palmer, a product Manager at Adobe and Creator of Dogecoin.

Is Einsteinium GeoCold attacked the Bitcoin network Private. Shortly after the beginning of the attack channel banned hacker. GeoCold reported that urgently looking for another service to continue the stream. Stream attack continued half an hour on

“I must admit that watching someone carry out attacks 51%, while other users are attacking his IP address, very interesting — written by Palmer. I think he got the BTCP block”. soon also banned the hacker, but by the time GeoCold got 70% of Bitcoin hash rate yet Private.

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