Is it worth it now to buy dollars and euros?


Is it worth it now to buy dollars and euros?

Present tarit whether the dollar/Euro?
Answer: Yes.

Why is it necessary to buy foreign currency?


1. Over time, the ruble has always lost. 94 — 2.8 R, 97 — 5.6, 98 — 20+.

2. Always look at the elite financial and political. On what they do, not what they say. The elite live in the currency offshore, the profit is fixed abroad in real estate and so on. At the first opportunity get citizenship in European countries. Relatives live and study there.

3. Bracing support. GDP did the customs Union to bolster Russia, the shift of American military bases from Armenia/Kyrgyzstan and so on. Us military bases removed. But while there was a process of struggle with the United States, these countries quietly, quietly bought up China.
Kyrgyzstan at a time took a loan from state-owned Chinese Eximbank, $1.7 billion Is more than 43% of the total external debt of the country. Give credit to the Kyrgyz people can not and will not, China will completely absorb them through the economy. Similar processes are underway with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and so on.

4. We have no strong friends. Sometimes as a friend lead China. This is a mistake. For China, we do not partner, we cheap raw materials appendage. The agreement on oil and gas with China are onerous in nature for the Russian Federation.

5. We are in a state of cold war with the Anglo-American world. Ago no progress, the escalation of the conflict increases. All the way: the enemy is at the borders. The game goes around the world. Yes, locally we are fighting a very cool, playing with us everywhere: Korea, Vietnam, Syria, etc. But they don’t succeed in third world countries. The challenge is to involve in the conflict and to undermine the economy barely alive. More points of tension — the worst for our economy. Their economy today can withstand any war.

6. Business. Small business and never will be, he’s irrelevant. Big business can kill the sanctions, denying in lending. RUSAL — example. If the ban is on the banking sector, for example, the BEAC is everything.

7. The arms race. Useless. Military conflict and never will be. It is simply not needed. Easier to repeat the scenario 89-91 year, crushing the economy of the Russian Federation and allied countries. Stock 5,000 nuclear vragolovic in Russia and so enough to eliminate life on earth. Missiles do not even need to take off, you can blow up throughout the country. Any arms race is the loss on the level of the economy.

8. The ruble performs the function of the elimination of the money supply in the population. Easy control, the population must live badly. In this case, people less harmful thoughts in my head. The devaluation of the ruble — planned process. Remember that the savings for the year before the crisis 14g set on the future of the dollar over 60. Without clear assurance of such rates do not exist.

9. For the ruble are bought by domestic financial instruments. Shares of large Russian companies, deposits, etc. For the most part over the past 10 years showing a minus in foreign currency. Will not be better. Sechin and lake — effective managers.

10. Russian banking sector is not effective. The Central Bank was made completely hand-drawn work of banks. Summary: of rehabilitation. All rehabilitation majors paid from the budget. Rubles. Banks became less, remain large. But their profitability is, except for isolated cases, not growing. State-owned banks, such as VEB, it is a black hole. Dia is technical bankrupt. The result, for closing holes the dollars will print out.

Total: doesn’t matter, bought the dollar at 56 or 63, for a short distance in five years it will have profit. Again: there is an economic war. Not only from USA but also with China. Ruble in this war, not the tenant.

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