Japan tightened control procedure for the latest kryptomere


Japan tightened control procedure for the latest kryptomere

Agency for economic services in the Country of the rising sun (FSA) has tightened the procedure for the control of risks in opening new kryptomere, reports The Japan Times with a hyperlink to your personal sources.
Now accounting cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan is performed on the basis of the Law on payment proposals that was installed in April 2017 to protect traders and ordinary users.

However, now the FSA published a new edition of an important document, adding to it approximately FOUR hundred previously unknown issues that you should answer when applying for a launch of a new exchange. Allegedly done this with a purpose “to understand whether [cryptocurrency exchange] carry out a risk assessment”.

Also from now on the FSA will demand the journal of the meeting of the Board of Directors of the trading platforms and information about shareholders of companies to control their probable role in the “anti-social groups.”

Recall needs tightening to new cryptocurrency exchange Commission, the Agency came in August after a series of revisions of the previous functioning of trading platforms.

According to the Agency, today the period of consideration of their applications waiting for the “hundreds” of companies.

Also last month, the Association of Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges, consisting of Association of exchanges of virtual currencies, given a service request with instructions to create a self-governing system.

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