Japanese cops are adopting software to track bitcoin transactions


National police Agency of Japan will begin using new software to track the cryptocurrency transactions, according to Bitcoin.com.

According to law enforcement officers, specialized software will help to investigate different cases related to illegal financial transactions using the cryptocurrency. For example, the software is able to mark transactions as suspicious, and also to determine the senders and recipients of funds.

“Developed by a private company special software is able to extract transaction data needed for investigations. The software can provide data that cannot be found in the blockchain. For example, information about the operators of exchanges of virtual currency”, — says the publication issued by the Tokyo newspaper Yomiuri shimbun.

To develop an unnamed company new software, the Agency will allocate 35 million yen ($315 thousand). Just to counter cybercrime, the Department has provided funds in the amount of 2.7 billion yen (approximately us $24 million).

We will remind, in July in Japan was the first sentence handed down hidden for mining cryptocurrency Monero.

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