Japanese financial giant SBI has allocated to investment for the exchange LastRoots




Japanese giant financial service SBI Holdings announced in a press release on Monday, August 20 that he identified re-investment in the troubled cryptocurrency exchange LastRoots.

SBI, which last month opened its own cryptocurrency exchange after obtaining a license from regulators, did not disclose the amount of investment that followed the first investment in December 2017.

“We are ready to strengthen our internal team and register the business of the cryptocurrency exchanges,” explained the company in a release about its plans LastRoots.

This is one of the exchanges, which national regulators are encouraged to review safety rules after a major theft Coincheck value of 530 million dollars. LastRoots had to make drastic changes to their business model in accordance with strict regulatory requirements, adapting to a new licensing scheme in Japan.

SBI will contribute to this, reporting that sends its own managers to configure the exchange in accordance with the requirements of the regulator.

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