Japanese “idol” — to guard the security of cryptocurrency!


Popular actress and singer-“idol” Rie Kitahara is now cooperating with the Japanese police. Its mission is to promote the importance of cybersecurity, including cryptocurrency.

Pop star is an active participant of various events organized by the police in Tokyo. The purpose of these events is to talk about what steps authorities are taking to combat crime in cyberspace.

Previously she was a member of the groups AKB48 and SKE48. Currently, it is one of the singers famous female group Ngt48.

“Idol” in Asian countries called the young and famous people, which is notable for its children and teen image and bright appearance. In countries such as South Korea, Japan, China, idols are incredibly popular among teenagers due to the fact that portrayed as a kind of ideal, almost celestial.

Recently the Tokyo police have held an event with the participation Kitahara, which was attended by 1700 guests — children and their parents. They were able to learn about what is phishing and how criminals steal personal user data as well as how to prevent similar cases.

“In 2017, the police asked 13 101 the victim, which is less than the year before, but overall the number of cases of unauthorized access to virtual currencies is growing,” — said the TV channel TV Asahi.

The fame and influence of the media persons today use various cryptoprocta. Instagram stars, athletes, actors become the faces of various image campaigns. For example, the icon of the reality show, Kim Kardashian became the owner of bitcoin.

Co-founder of the Bloq Matthew Roszak bitcoin American star directly on the first annual charity Texas hold ‘ em tournament “If Only”. And this is immediately informed to their subscribers.

“At the first annual charity poker tournament a lot of fun. I also gave Kim Kardashian her first bitcoin. KardashianCoin, YeezyCoin?”, — wrote Rosak.

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