Japanese police turned actress to promote cryptocurrency cybersecurity


Japanese police turned actress to promote cryptocurrency cybersecurity

Japanese actress and singer— “idol” Rie Kitahara helps the Central police Department of Tokyo to the masses the idea of the necessity of cyber security, including cryptocurrency, writes Bitcoin.com. She regularly participates in the police Department activities for guests which will learn about counteraction to crimes in cyberspace.

In the past the girl played in the groups AKB48 and SKE48, and now part of popular female idol group Ngt48. “Idol” in Japan called the young mediaperson with attractive, often the youngsters image. It is a separate category of Japanese stars, they are positioned as light and pure ideal, an unattainable object of love fans.

26 August the Central Tokyo Metropolitan police Department held an event in which Kitahara during the day talked about possible measures to combat crimes in this area. The event was attended by about 1,700 guests — children and their parents. They learned about phishing and fake websites, steal user data, and how can you protect yourself from these threats. Channel Asahi TV said:

Last year, the police Department asked 13 101 the victim, which is less than the year before, but overall the number of cases of unauthorized access to the virtual currency grows.

In January, the cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck has been hacked and robbed 58 billion yen ($522 million) in the cryptocurrency NEM. Subsequently, the media wrote that the hacking might be related to the viruses contained in the received by the staff of the site emails.

In July the website Bitcoin.com reported that incidents of phishing using e-mail in Japanese has grown to at least 1,500 last fall.

Japanese Council for the fight against phishing has repeatedly made warnings. The press— Secretary of the Board Kaori Uemura said: “We advise people not to hurry with opening links contained in emails”. She added that recipients should apply to cryptocurrency exchanges with a request to confirm the authenticity of the letters.

In the framework of the fight against cybercrime Tokyo police has partnered with ten leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the country: SBI VirtualCurrencies, Bitflyer, Bitpoint Japan, GMO Coin, Bittrade, Quoine, Bitbank, BtcBox, Money Partners and Coincheck.

Writes AppTimes, the exchange agreed to “cooperate, by sharing information, jointly investigating cyber crimes, and taking measures to prevent threats.”

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