John McAfee headed blockchain startups are working on “a technological marvel”


John McAfee headed blockchain startups are working on “a technological marvel”

A startup called Luxcore has announced a new head — it was none other than John McAfee. The corresponding statement representatives of the company posted on Twitter:

We are pleased to announce that the new head Luxcore was John McAfee! The appointment of John to this post is part of a broader reorganization of staff that will be the stimulus for significant and rapid growth of the company. It’s the dawn of a new era.

In April, the company appointed McAfee as its senior consultant and now co-founder and head of Luxcore Brian Oliver “agreed to resign” to make way for the eccentric businessman. According to the publication’s official blog, the company Luxcore Oliver wishes “all the best in future endeavours in the field of blockchain and not only”.

John McAfee, commented on his appointment:

I was appointed the head of Luxcore. They worked tirelessly, without attracting attention, and soon will publicly represent the options of the blockchain that we are all waiting for. I will continue to lead the team for McAfee in her adventurous journey.

On the website Luxcore reported that the company specializiruetsya in designing and creating the “suitable for industrial use products for the protection of security and privacy”.

The startup intends to launch a cryptocurrency wallet, protected by multipoles and obfuscation of the addresses, the option of smart contracts, secure private network for institutions, called Parallel Masternodes (PMN) and the system of communication between blockchains Luxgate (on the website it is described as a “technological marvel”).

If you believe the web site of the company, the PMN system can increase the security level of the organization to 1,000 points compared to 500 points, which is achievable thanks to the “two levels of standard firewall”. How exactly are calculated the points on the website do not write.

The system will be based on the consensus algorithm PoS (proof of shares ownership), that is, the verification unit will verify the nodes owning a certain number (16 120) native token-LUX — “masternode” (masternodes). It is also known that Lexcore uses update SegWit, reducing the “weight” of transaction data and increasing transaction speed.

Most of these services should be started before the end of the year.

John McAfee, Creator of the popular antivirus program — an ardent enthusiast and promoter of cryptocurrency. He repeatedly accuses that mention altcoins in his very popular Twitter account leads to a dramatic growth of their prices.

About his new project, McAfee wrote:

The rapid development of the company Luxcore technology that changes the game, requiring escalation to the business growth. To achieve the growth targets set by the company, we will focus on strategic marketing of products such as web wallet and PoS cross-platform system LuxGate, whose launch is yet to be implemented. I am encouraged by our aggressive growth strategy and numerous upcoming innovations.

Recently he once again drew media attention when he declared war on the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA in response to the regulator of intention to attribute some ICO to the category of securities. Shortly after McAfee was forced to hire armed guards because it started to chase some gang. On Twitter, he introduced the team of defenders:

My external security system. First, I have eight cameras that nobody knows. I have four green beret [special forces], one Navy seal [marine commando], by two former employees of Blackwater [the private security firm], a former employee of military police and two former soldiers. And Janice [his wife] are armed to the teeth. Have questions?

McAfee believes that the attacks on him is SEC. The Commission is not the first time it chooses its target: living in Belize, he ended up in the hands of government agents when he refused to cooperate with the investigation of the murder of his neighbor. In 2017, he said to Newsweek that the agents still “sitting on his tail”.

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