John McAfee: the fall of the stock market will not last more than a month


One of the most loyal fans of the first cryptocurrencies calls are now thinking about investing in Bitcoin.

The millionaire believes that the panic about the fluctuations of the market of digital currency is premature.

“Don’t panic about the cost of Bitcoin. This is a strong reaction to the news that in respect of Bitstamp, Coinbase, itBit Kraken and under investigation on suspicion of price manipulation. This will delay the bullish sentiment of not more than 30 days. Do not buy the fear. Buy coins” — he wrote in his Twitter account.

In recent days, the stock market is on the decline. However, McAfee is confident that it is not necessary to panic, as the value of the first cryptomonad restored. He believes that now is a good time to invest, and because of the investigations against major cryptoplasm suspected price manipulation in the market. In a month, says McAfee, the price of cryptocurrencies will go up again.

John McAfee said that in June 2018 BTC will reach quotes in 15 thousand dollars per coin. He also made predictions and even five Aldona. New highs in mid-June reached Docademic (MTC) and Bezop (BEZ) — 0.73 and 0.52 dollar dollar respectively.

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