Jordan Belfort the newly named bitcoin fraud


Jordan Belfort, who became the prototype of the protagonist of the film “the Wolf of wall street” stated that bitcoin is a fraud, and retail investors have been brainwashed.

“I was a crook. I brought the fraud to the level of art, that’s exactly what is happening with bitcoin. This is so ridiculous, these kids have brainwashed”.

He also noted that with the advent of the Internet to deceive people, and easy in his later years he had to hire an army of sellers offering the phone futile action. Now the same needs in the great state of no.

Belfort also questioned the security of the network bitcoin, and that the government are even allowed to receive anonymous currencies.

“All this will disappear like a Mirage. Many honest people suffer,” said he in conclusion.

Earlier, Jordan Belfort was a company called Tether large fraudulent scheme.

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