Joseph Lubin, Ethereum: market manipulation is not associated with Tether


Co-founder of the second capitalization of the cryptocurrencies and the head of a startup ConsenSys spoke in defense of the token, the cost of which is pegged to the US dollar

Manipulation on the cryptocurrency market is unlikely directly related to the Tether, said co-founder of Ethereum and the head of a startup ConsenSys Joseph Lubin. In an interview with Yahoo Finance he said that the market needs more effective regulation.

“I don’t believe that manipulation is specifically connected with the Tether, if any. This is an unregulated market where the number of platforms allowed the major players to do whatever they want. Need more effective regulation, at least of centralized exchanges,” said Lubin.

He believes that each token USDT backed by real dollars. To such conclusion the expert came from many conversations with representatives of the industry, and this cannot be considered absolute proof, said the co-founder of Ethereum.

Previously, the University of Texas at Austin, has published a document according to which the growth of bitcoin prices in 2017 depended on amitybeane tokens Tether. In late June, the company published Bank report, which indicated one day, it cannot be considered a full audit.

More information about Tether you’ll find in our telegram channel RBC-Crypto.

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