Kazakhstan is following in the footsteps of Belarus


Kazakhstan is following in the footsteps of Belarus

The Kazakh authorities could not take a certain direction in relation to cryptocurrencies. But I guess they decided to repeat the path of Belarus. International financial centre, and Astana (IFCA) was created in order to turn Kazakhstan into a financial hub, its representatives have always been optimistic about cryptocurrency. And now he wants to take under its control the regulation of the crypto-sphere. However, he has a rival – the Central Bank of Kazakhstan. And if the regulation falls within the scope of its competences, it could face a ban of all transactions with virtual currencies.

But at the moment the IFCA experiencing more support. Forbes-Kazakhstan reports that are now being adopted legislative amendments that will facilitate investing in crypto-currencies for those investors who want to cooperate with the IFCA. They provide for the classification of cryptocurrencies as assets in the legislation, and the establishment and application of mechanisms for control of operations with them. In addition, legislators want to develop a number of amendments to the relief crypto-crowd-funding through ICO.

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