Korea will soften the control of the stock market. The authorities can re-legalize ICO


In November the South Korean government will hold session on which will consider authorization of projects for the initial placement of tokens on the territory of the country

During the annual audit of governmental action by the National Assembly of South Korea the head of the office for the coordination of the state policy of the country Us Hong Ki said that local regulators are considering the option of legalizing ICO. The official said that the government will hold a meeting on this issue in November, writes CoinDesk.

“We are going to form the government’s position on the results of the study at the end of October,” said Hong Ki Us.

He stressed that the South Korean financial services Commission (FSC) is conducting market research ICO from September 2018. The official stressed that the projects for the initial placement of tokens you want to allow to contribute to the development of the blockchain in the country.

In September 2017 FSC banned the ICO projects on the territory of South Korea. It happened shortly after a similar decision was made by financial regulators from China. In may 2018, the deputies of the South Korean National Assembly began to demand the lifting of the ban.

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