Kryptomere the problems started. Another platform reduced the staff


The largest platform for trading digital money in Brazil have closed several departments and fired 20 employees because of the constantly declining trading volumes

Exchange Mercado Bitcoin from Brasil fired at least 20 employees within the plan to improve the quality of services, the CCN reports with reference to the local portal Portal do Bitcoin. Four former employees of the platform that held various positions in detail told about a situation in the company.

They noted that management had begun to lay off people, explaining this decision by the policy change in the field of marketing and human resources. The sources said the office, which was dismissed employees, were closed. According to the staff of the exchange, its “things are going downhill”, the volumes are lower, so now the company can’t pay the bills.

“We used to perform certain tasks for an hour, now it can take two days. Some really went idle, had nothing to do,” said a source.

He added that basically fired the people who came to the company less than six months ago. Many do not have time to work out and two months. Exchange Mercado Bitcoin, the largest in Brazil, which accounts for 30% of transactions with cryptocurrencies. In September its volume of trades amounted to 4150 bitcoins at the moment — 1965 BTC.

Company representatives confirmed the information about dismissal of employees, but added that the actual number of people trapped under the reduction — less than 20. Also in the platform explained that the promotion of changes in their structure.

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