LaneAxis will facilitate the interaction of participants of cargo transportation via the new social network


LaneAxis will facilitate the interaction of participants of cargo transportation via the new social network

The shipping industry has for several decades strongly lags behind other industries in terms of technological development. This fact is especially surprising if to consider that this segment of the market is one of the foundations of the world economy and brings in the United States alone, more than $800 billion in new revenue annually. And by 2023 the global figures of the industry, according to estimates, will exceed $15 trillion. Management of transportation today is like juggling with many dynamic objects, which is mixed ledgers, contracts, the need for continuous involvement of intermediaries and interpersonal interaction.

The introduction of the blockchain will help bring the logistics sector, which has long needed a change, a new stage of technological development, putting an end to the constant confusion, fraud and inefficient processes that over time would pull the industry back.

The company LaneAxis, which has six years of experience in transportation management, sure you will be able to usher in a new era in the logistics segment due to the implementation of solutions “software as a service”. Blockchain-a platform will be the basis for the widespread use of protocols, allowing users to monitor transaction when sending goods and to track particularly important stages in the supply chain, which will lead to the abolition of freight brokers, as there will be a single global network that connects shippers and carriers directly.

The developers LaneAxis, the key to building the global logistics community in the development of social network for drivers (LaneAxis Driver Social Network, DSN): this decision allows the company to stand out among the other blockchain-related startups in this area. Paying special attention to the needs of drivers, not just relying on system-oriented company, the creators of the platform hope that this social network will bring industry desired effect that will eventually lead to its widespread use.

Rick Burnett (Rick Burnett), CEO and founder LaneAxis says:

Now our goal is to quickly create a large network of drivers, and already as it will grow, it will also be actively added senders and carriers. We create cool and easy to use app, which also can find a variety of bonuses, and I’m sure the truck drivers are happy to be together on this platform. DSN — this is the place where they will contact each other for work, for the sake of getting discounts, and just have fun.

In the near future, the company hopes to register on the platform more than 4 million drivers with access to 2 million orders per day. A special value of the system is that it directly connects shippers with a huge community of drivers, consisting mainly of small independent transportation companies with fleet up to six trucks.

Burnet adds:

When our platform will unite and shippers and drivers, gain from this all parties, so they have no reason to look for any other ways of interaction. LaneAxis will be the first truly global transport community in the industry.

Truck drivers will use the token-AXIS for discounts on food, fuel, and tires, as well as learn about traffic and weather conditions in real time. And this is not all options that will significantly simplify their life. Updated online and gathered on one platform the information on the drivers, unloading and new loading points will help you learn more about the internal kitchen of the industry that were previously impossible. All these features will be supported on the platform due to the token-AXIS, the value of which will increase as development and expansion of the system. In the end, it will have accumulated such an amount of data that will allow you to choose boot options from GPS data on a global scale.

Rick Burnett is a veteran of the sphere of logistics software with twenty years of experience and a former co-owner of trucking companies. This allowed him to understand what drivers are the core industry of transportation, but their needs are constantly ignored logistics system, which focuses all its attention on the data. He is confident that LaneAxis really stands out among the other blockchain-companies in this sector, as project developers have clearly thought through how to involve all market participants by making initial and basic rate for drivers. The platform not only creates ultra-modern and technologically advanced mechanism of interaction of shippers and carriers being of the haulage industry to work effectively, but also — and this is especially important ties individual and far from home of drivers with colleagues and all those involved in the chain of logistics.

The first stage of a full public ICO LaneAxis starts September 21. Currently, the company is at the stage of presale, in which there are different bonuses. To date, the platform has already collected, softcap in the amount of $2 million.

Learn more about LaneAxis and purchase a token on the AXIS website //

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