Latest high paying jobs in the $ 175,000




$ 175,000 is the annual salary, if you are an engineer Blockchain

Engineers Blockchain is the new sought-after hires in Silicon valley. Head leaders are willing to spend up to 150 000 $ to 175 000 $ for average salaries for these bright new cryptopecten innovators.

Until last month this salary was reserved only for top-notch software specialists such as engineers on artificial intelligence (AI).

Recent reports of studies of the labor market in the United States was optimistic about the recruitment of engineers Blockchain in major companies. Until now, banks, large multinational corporations and pharmaceutical companies attracted to these decentralized professionals platform to give them a “competitive advantage” by being the first adopters of modular platforms for their business processes.

400% Increase in demand for engineers Blockchain

According to the technical recruiting human capital — hired specialists Blockchain earn a fat salary and occupy leading positions than any “specialized” engineering roles.

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