Launching one of the most unusual tablconv was in jeopardy


Launching one of the most unusual tablconv was in jeopardy

The Swiss company Tiberius Group promised to run stablon provided by copper, aluminum, gold, platinum, tin, Nickel and cobalt, 1 Oct. However, according to BTC Wires, Tiberius Coin launch delayed until December.

According to Bloomberg, after the announcement of the start token, the company managed to receive orders for $1 million through its “daughter” Tiberius Technology Ventures. However, the Commission established by the companies that handle made using Bank card payments was too high. The company said that it will be difficult to cope with orders for $15 million (the same amount she originally expected).

The company reported:

Now we are making major investments in the platform are working on improving it and are dealing with reliable processors, aiming to create a new payment service for our customers.

Blog Tiberius Group clarified that the conditions of the companies that handle the payments to be made to run coins 1 Oct impossible.

Besides, Tiberius is reported that after the announcement about the launch of the coin there were crooks posing as company employees and trying to cash in on unsuspecting investors. Unfortunately, in some cases, they succeeded.

Tiberius Group guaranteed a return of assets to the users who participated in the presale tokens, and noted that he could not legally hold customer funds for longer than 30 days.

Stabilini secured by real reserves of the world (gold, oil, etc.) are now becoming more common. Providing other stablemen, OZcoinGold serve 100 000 oz of gold in 24 carats. Finally, the Venezuelan Petro state cryptocurrency presumably provided by oil, diamonds and other reserves, though critics argue that this is nothing more than Declaration, and doubt its viability.

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