LedgerX recorded the highest trading volume bitcoin derivatives


Provider bitcoin derivatives LedgerX reported that in the last two the last two months recorded a record trading volumes.

As said the chief specialist on risk assessment of the company’s Utica Chou (Chou Juthica), but in July the amount held derivatives BTC transactions amounted to $50 million.

LedgerX has launched a service for trading bitcoin derivatives, such as swap transactions and option contracts in October last year. Six months later, in April of this year, the company reported that trading volume since the launch has increased by 7 times.

In response to the demand from customers, the company launched in July a new system of buying bitcoins based on the previously created platform LedgerSavings. Named “bitcoin one-click” system is designed for institutional and large customers and, according to Utica Chow, she is in high demand.

“June was one of record-breaking months for us, and July was certainly a record. If you look at how we have conducted our transactions, their volume has increased by a third last month,” said the President LedgerX.

The company is still working on adding to their trading platform derivatives for Ethereum, receiving the necessary approval of the regulators.

We will remind that in may the British company Crypto Facilities the world has launched derivatives for Ethereum — futures contracts. And after a month added on your trading platform and Litecoin futures.

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