Letter about bitcoin from the future – a publicity stunt?


Letter about bitcoin from the future – a publicity stunt?

Five years ago, a user Luka Magnotta left a post on Reddit, which claimed to be a time traveler to prevent the cryptocurrency Apocalypse. A letter from the future about bitcoin went public in 2017, when described by Luke, the course of bitcoin was pretty close to reality. In this article we will try to find out what the real intentions of the person who wrote the most famous prediction on bitcoin.

Luka Magnotta prophecies do not come true

We will not retell the whole text, stopping only on the disputed points. The post was published on 31 August 2013. Highlight the main differences with reality:

In predicting very accurately described the rate of BTC, including 2013. Starting in 2015, went inaccurate this year to $1000 a bitcoin, not even close, reaching a peak of $463. In 2017 the rate struck $19000, while the letter stated the figure of 10,000. If the author is indeed from the future, why couldn’t provide accurate numbers?
Magnotta claimed that most governments have ceased to exist due to the fact that tax collection was impossible. Now bucking the trend – to create laws that will force traders and miners to pay taxes. More and more international economic summits affect the consideration of measures to regulate cryptocurrency.
According to the description of the traveler, the first bichenovii billionaires, the brothers Winklevoss departure was one of the first. The logic of writing says that will happen this was after $1000 but more that 1.5 years after experiencing this course brothers are alive and well.
Not to mention the fate of the altcoins.
In the letter there is no precise date that would be easy to provide the time traveler. It is also unclear why he returned in 2013, if you could do it in 2008, and personally to warn Satoshi Nakamoto.
Luke writes that at the rate of $1000 spread of different services for the protection of cryptocurrency millionaires, including hired security guards, safes and even isolated “city-citadel”.

One of these citadels is a territory company for the production of Asimov ASICminer, but its location did not specified.

Enough inaccuracies to cast doubt on Luke’s journey in time. Then why was it necessary to write an appeal if you throw fun or folly? Refer to other facts mentioned in the post. One of them is the name of the company ASICminer.

What is known about the Chinese firm

We know that this is a real company that sells usikami with incredibly high hasraton on SHA-256. The activity of Asimina beginning in 2012, becoming one of three companies-the pioneers of specialized equipment for mining with Avalon and BFL. The legal address was registered in Hong Kong, and the main office is located in Shenzhen. Staff YouTube-channel Pandaway visited there and found that the company exists on paper – the office is really rented, but there are no employees in the workplace. Order ashiki is possible only on the website. The Russian representative, who is not cooperating with the company, told the following interesting facts about her and was advised not to contact ASICminer for obvious reasons:

  • There is no evidence to support the existence of a product (various videos on YouTube can be stuffing, what has repeatedly faced tryptomer).
  • There is no evidence of performance Usikov.
  • The founders – not the Chinese, and the natives of the CIS countries.
  • The policy of the company – detachment from the audience.

In 2013, the firm had indeed released a USB Block Erupter miners and Cube, which initially was popular, but soon lost the competition in the market. To dig deeper, I had to use the WayBackMachine, which shows the status of sites in different years. The website began its operations in 2013, but in 2014 no longer be updated. Along with the site vanished from the web the main ideologist of the company is man named FriedCat. A recent change in domain name was made in February 2018 and truly it is unknown who currently owns the website asicminer.co. Whois service indicates the organization of the ASICminer Company.

The chain leads to a fried cat

The prediction about the future of bitcoin it is exactly about this Corporation, as Luka Magnotta, wrote that the firm, which in 2013 called ASICminer, in 2025 became the citadel managed a kind of Mr. Friedman. Immediately begs the coincidence of “Mr. Friedman – FriedCat”. Oddly, the symbol of the company is the representative of the cat family.

Luka Magnotta and bitcoin marketing ploy

The Chinese Corporation sold asik in 2013 – then there was a prediction about bitcoin. It can be assumed that the letter from the future 2025 was only a part of the campaign, which was successful at the time, and then gained a new life in 2017, people began to believe that the company ASICminer has some truly heavy duty equipment. Detachment and invisibility of the company only supports the legend of the citadels.

In 2013, the founders of the company realized that competition in the equipment market for mining very violent and came up with an unusual marketing ploy. In reading the letters from the future bitcoin miners subconsciously held the idea that ASICminer is a reliable company that has stood the test of competition, time and anarchy, and so their equipment can be purchased in the future. The coincidence of the courses was just an accident, which can now be exploited until 2019, and if you’re lucky and the course BTC will grow to $100,000, and the post can be used on. Not coincidentally, the site earned after a couple of months after the December hype of bitcoin.

It is possible that all of the above – only a series of unrelated coincidences. Find out in 2019.

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