Live launch is tied to bitcoin token standard ERC20


Live launch is tied to bitcoin token standard ERC20

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Post seals — an incomparable pleasure, especially since this photo perfectly captures the essence of this news.

Provider bitcoin wallet, and more recently, and licensed custody service BitGo continues to amaze. In January 2019 startup together with Kyber Network, Blockfolio, Republic Protocol, MakerDAO, IDEX, Hydro Protocol, Gnosis, Radar Relay, and a bunch more launches startups on the blockchain of the new token standard ERC20. A feature of the new asset in that its value is tied to bitcoin. The token will be called Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), “wrapped bitcoin”, that is.

Yes, it is an attempt to create stablon new type tied to bitcoin, not Fiat. Last year over plans BitGo all together I would have laughed, but now, when the volatility of the cue ball is minimal, in the production of this token makes sense.

After starting WBTC to use this asset can be running in the blockchain of the decentralized Air exchanges. According to the creators of the asset, it will increase the liquidity in Ethereum and attract to the platform a new user. That’s what you mean.

Suppose you have a cue, but to make it into the blockchain program is available only to exchange on ETH, or compatible with the standards of this platform tokens. After starting this project, each holder will now be able to obtain the same amount of WBTC and use this crypt in the Ethereum blockchain.

This token can be used for trading on exchanges and the creation of smart contracts. Say that traders will be easier to use the new asset since the transaction in the Broadcast confirmed faster than Bitcoin.

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