Main news of the market of cryptocurrencies 19.10.2018


Major news and quotes largest cryptocurrency.

In Russia, the mining will not be taxed. “We don’t need them, these bitcoins do not understand… respectively, and mining, it turns out, is not necessary”, — said officials removed the term “cryptocurrency mining” from the bill. Accordingly, in the new version of the document would also not be prescribed taxation for miners. Recall, the document “On digital of financial assets” was adopted by the state Duma in the first reading last summer, the second review should take place before the end of autumn.

The exchange Huobi has introduced a service HUSD for sharing tablconv. Users will be able to exchange PAX from Paxos, TUSD from TrustToken, USDC from the Circle and GUSD from exchange Gemini. Under previously existing rules to users to make any of these tablconv Deposit would have to exchange it only for money, the rate of which is not tied to any asset, such as bitcoin. HUSD will allow you to Deposit funds in one stabilise and withdraw in another.

The pension Fund of Russia will implement a blockchain. Due to this, the Agency intends to reduce the cost of storing and maintaining large amounts of data. Now PFR accumulates data on tax deductions and insurance contributions of employers on their servers. In the future all this information will be stored using distributed databases. The blockchain technology allows in this case to clearly record all arrangements and necessary documents, and the ability to make changes retroactively excluded.

Nicolas Maduro urged citizens to invest in gold and Petro. During his televised address the head of Venezuela announced to the workers that soon they will start to receive supplements to their base salaries in the form of Petro, is piatogo Bolivar. Maduro also recommended legally invest part of the bonus in gold. According to him, this will help to deal with the economic crisis. The President of Venezuela approved the trade Petro on six cryptomeria.

Nordea Bank, forbade employees to buy bitcoins, was accused of money laundering. The irony is that the Bank previously claimed that the cryptocurrencies used in money laundering schemes. Now he got caught. The appropriate complaint to law enforcement bodies of Sweden and Norway filed the investment Fund Hermitage Capital Management bill Browder. According to the Swedish TV channel SVT, about 365 independent accounts in Nordea received payments in the amount of 150 million euros. In addition to the fake transactions was discovered fake invoices, shell companies.

The total market capitalization of cryptocurrency, is now 208,5 billion.

  • Bitcoin (Bitcoin) for the last day fell by 0.95% to $6468,75.
  • The ether (ETH/USD) fell by 0.17% to $204,41.
  • XRP (XRP/USD) fell by 0.69% to $0.45.
  • Cash Bitcoin (Bitcoin.Cash) fell 0.27% to $441,89.
  • EOS (EOS/USD) fell by 0.49% to $5,35.

The best growth among the top 10 crypto-currencies have shown that Stellar (+2,76%)

The best growth among the top 100 cryptocurrencies showed Digitex Futures (+13,52%)

Market dynamics

The volume of trading in cryptocurrencies in 24 hours $ 11 billion (-0,2 billion per day).

The profitability of mining

  • Bitcoin: $0.22 per 1 TH/s
  • Ether: $0,02 per 1 MH/s
  • Bitcoin Cash: $0.2 per 1 TH/s
  • Litecoin: $3,15 per 1 GH/s
  • Dash: $0.07 per 1 GH/s

Reddit of the day

One of the most discussed topics of the day on Reddit was the news that Nordea Bank, forbade employees to buy bitcoins because they can be used in money laundering schemes, was itself accused of money laundering.

The expected ICO

  • 20 Oct OneToTwo
  • 31 Oct 4ARTechnologies
  • 1 Nov Quidli
  • November 15, Vidion
  • 15 Nov Winnest

The full list of ongoing and anticipated ICO you can see the link.

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