Main news of the market of cryptocurrencies 25.09.2018


Main news of the market of cryptocurrencies 25.09.2018

U.S. congressmen and representatives of cryptomery will discuss the future of cryptocurrency at the round table. The results of the meeting will be included in the new bill, which is scheduled to be presented for discussion to the American Congress this fall. Their participation in the event is already confirmed at State Street, Nasdaq, Ripple, Coinbase and Circle. In addition, the discussion join the staff of the chamber of Commerce of the United States and several congressmen. Representatives of the financial sector believe that the United States needs moderate measures to “not strangle” the development of kryptonyte and not lose the prospects that it brings the financial industry and the economy as a whole.

The fall of bitcoin provoked the Manager Mt. Gox, having sold almost 25 thousand coins. It is reported that, Nobuaki Kobayashi has sold 24 658 25 331 bitcoins and Bitcoin Cash by 25.98 billion yen (230 million dollars) in the period from March to June. This became known only today. “Thanks to the sale was able to obtain the necessary amount to ensure the protection of the interests of creditors participating in bankruptcy proceedings,” said Kobayashi. According to some experts, the sale triggered a rapid reduction in the price of bitcoin.

Study: 70% of the tokens fell in price after the ICO. Such data contains in research of the analytical company Diar. A total of ICO projects lost $ 6 billion. Experts have identified the “top 10 losers” that have collected significant sums but are unable to keep them. In the first place of this rating was placed Israeli company Sirin Labs. It attracted 158 million dollars with ICO, but after that, the capitalization of the company decreased by 141 million dollars. Other startups have also lost a significant part of its capital, for example PumaPay lost 102 million dollars, Envion — 96 million, and the Bancor — 80 million

Ebang presented the most powerful miners for bitcoin mining. Manufacturer of mining equipment from China introduced three new devices from the line E11. They will use a 10-nm semiconductor technology. According to information on the website Ebang, the sale of new miners will start soon. The range of devices includes miner E11 (30TH/s), E11+ (37TH/s) and the most powerful miner E11++ (44TH/s).

Experts: North Korea uses cryptocurrencies and international exchanges to bypass sanctions. It is assumed that the scheme is as follows: the authorities of the DPRK open up a cryptocurrency wallet with the help of the Russian service, buy digital money and then convert them, for example, on the Bulgarian purse and so on. It uses an anonymous network based on its own blockchain. Thus, experts believe the North Korean government to change bitcoin into Fiat money in the Asian, European and even American markets. US sanctions against North Korea were first imposed in 2016, in August 2018, the list expanded once again.

The total market capitalization of cryptocurrency, is now 207,7 billion.

  • Bitcoin (Bitcoin) for the last day fell by 2.96% to $6428,97.
  • The ether (ETH/USD) fell by 9.83% to $211,72.
  • XRP (XRP/USD) fell by 13.06% to $0.45.
  • Cash Bitcoin (Bitcoin.Cash) fell by 7.78% to $433,41.
  • EOS (EOS/USD) fell by 10.39% to $5,16.

The best growth among the top 10 crypto-currencies have shown that Tether (+0,5%)

The best growth among the top 100 cryptocurrencies showed IOST (+3,87%)

Market dynamics

The trading volume of the cryptocurrency 24 hours was 14.7 billion (+1.4 billion per day).

The profitability of mining

  • Bitcoin: $0.23 per 1 TH/s
  • Ether: $0,02 per 1 MH/s
  • Bitcoin Cash: $0.23 per 1 TH/s
  • Litecoin: $3.18 million per 1 GH/s
  • Dash: $0.1 for 1 GH/s

Reddit of the day

One of the most discussed topics of the day on Reddit was the news that the word “bitcoin” was officially added to the dictionary Board game “Scrabble”.

The expected ICO

  • 26 Sep Cryptyk
  • 30 Sep Neogame
  • 1 Oct
  • October 1, Tiberius
  • 8 Oct AntiBank

The full list of ongoing and anticipated ICO you can see the link.

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